Digital goods business engine than helps you sell more

  • Avoid digital tax fines
  • Save money on accountants and tax consultants
  • Sell cross-border with a 95 % conversion
  • Stop losing money on chargebacks
  • Prevent fraud

Number X is an alternative to selling digital products by yourself. In other words, a Merchant of Record. Forget about declined international transactions, tax fines, global compliance and seats in your customer support.

Selling digital goods? We got you covered.

Trusted by leading digital brands

Earn more and lose less.

Fixed fee 5%. No setup or monthly fees.

No need for:

Registering as a merchant at tax services on target markets
A team of dedicated accountants and tax specialists
A network of legal entities across the globe

As a result:

Declined international transactions (cross-border sales)
Overhead costs
Customer support queries

How is Number X different?

As a Merchant of Record, here is what we do for you:
  • We register, collect, file and remit taxes (VAT, Sales tax, GST) globally, saving you time and money.
  • Handle all customer support queries.
  • Optimize your cross-border payment conversion to 92-95 % instead of a standard 50 %.
  • Ensure compliance with local and regional laws and regulations (PCI, GDPR, SOC etc.)
  • Provide you with a localized checkout everywhere you sell.

Focus on your business, we will do the boring work.

Number X covers every aspect of global commerce to protect you from potential fines, penalties, and other legal issues.

Our secret sauce

We're tax registered in 50+ countries so you don’t have to be.

The rate is the same for all cards and digital wallets. We support 35 currencies.

Card payments
Alternative payment methods
Extract any payment data
Get the financial reports you prefer, in real time
Monitor transactions
Access an intuitive dashboard to get a clear vision of account balance and future payouts
Get paid easily
Access more than a hundred payment options worldwide

Real-time sales analytics

Easily filter across into sales data, view revenue, average order value (AOV), payment type and profit
Unsettled Balance Due
Settled Balance Due
In Progress Transfer (USD)

API documentation

Start the integration process via Number X REST APIExplore
APIs.We offer powerful APIs, with simple integration guides without having to write a single line of code.
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Docs.Get started right away with our clear and easy-to-use documentation.
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Our partners

Telegram uses Number X to facilitate sales of its premium subscriptions to end users based on EU, UK and US markets

Selling your digital product globally is difficult, costly, and time-consuming.

Join 2,000 merchants that have partnered with Number X as their Merchant of Record to expand coverage and offload fraud prevention, taxes & compliance.