Prohibited merchant types

Drugs, medical marijuana, cannabis seeds, drug paraphernalia

Illegal substances and products

Human organs and weapons

Counterfeit products and replicas

Unauthorized copyright media and software

Merchants involved with bestiality, rape, hate, violence, or incest

Child abuse imagery and child pornography

Jail breaker equipment and software

Hacking and cracking materials

Fake credentials, fake academic papers, etc.

Shell banks

Tobacco and e-cigarettes


Medical consultation

HCG weight loss products


ESTA, Immigration/Visa passport


Files sharing and storage

Unlicensed lottery

Unlicensed IPTV

Escort, adult entertainment, pornography

Precious metals/materials

Stamps and coins

Extended warranties

Telemarketing companies

Delayed delivery merchants

Credit repair companies

Loan modification

Government loans

PPI claims

Penny auctions