Earn up monthly cash flow in commission for any merchants you refer to us.

If you have an extensive network of partners who happen to be ecommerce merchants, chances are they could benefit from our cross-border solution. So, we invite you to make extra revenue by referring our product to your network.

How it works:

Identify an online business in your network that might benefit from our solution

Contact them with an offer to consider Number X as their payment processor

Send us a link to their website for further qualification. Once a merchant is accepted, you will get a personal referral agent link where you can track your monthly remuneration (cash flow)

Receive your commission in a month after a merchant makes first transaction

What commission do we offer?

Number X offers 2 types of commission:

Fixed fee 300 $ for every merchant onboarded

0,2 % of merchant's transaction volume, 1 year contract

We made the referring process and tracking easier for you.

Thus, we offer:

A special admin panel to track your traffic, applications, and conversions;

An opportunity to receive the commission in cryptocurrency (USDT, USDC);

Any promotional material you may require

What types of affiliates do we accept?

Payment Service Providers


Payment Facilitators

Payment gateways


Legal & Consulting firms

List of prohibited merchants types is available here (Number X - Prohibited Merchants Types)