About Us

Not just another payment processing

Number X is a cross-border Merchant of record for global digital businesses.

Founded in 2022, we believe that every cross-border business should be able to scale as fast as a local business, without any regulatory and tax hurdles.

Number X offers ecommerce companies a completely different approach to distribution of digital goods. Instead of maintaining a complex payment infrastructure, we cover every aspect of payment processing on target markets, taking away 100% of the pain of regulations, taxes, chargebacks, user support, and interaction with local authorities. It’s faster, safer and simpler.

Our Values

Design approach

Hyper focus

Our partners’ property is as valuable to us as our own

Our Mission

To help digital companies across the globe handle cross-border sales effortlessly.

Our payment API offers a localized checkout and and impulse purchase tools. Easily integrate Number X with your website and onboard quickly with no hidden fees.

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