Your complete payments and distribution stack at the best possible price. No added costs, no hidden fees.5% per sale.
Merchant of Record With DIY solution (traditional payment processors like Stripe) you would pay smaller fee, but due to lower conversion, you would earn a lot less.

What's included?

CheckoutLightning fast checkout with built in End User License Agreement (EULA)
Payment processingMultiple currencies, more than 200 payment options, powered by best PSP's in the world
TaxDigital tax calculation + remittance, globally (VAT, GST, Sales tax)
Fraud protectionPrevent fraudulent transactions with 99,99 accuracy
ReportingRobust sales analytics tool
CompliancePCI DSS certification, PSD2 compliance in Europe, SCTL in Japan, and more. 100 % compliance everywhere you sell
Customer supportWe handle queries from your customers related to payments, chargebacks, refunds, cancellations etc
Global coverageSell like a local: don't set up a legal entity in every jurisdiction where you want to act

Cost-effective solution for global expansion

A misconception for a Merchant of Record is it appears more expensive than a regular payment solution.

In fact, it's more cost-effective because MoR is tailored to outsource tax, accounting, compliance, anti-fraud and user support at a lower cost, than in-house team.

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