Sonar (Antifraud)

Fraud prevention for digital business

Deploy best-in-class system built for digital goods industry, protecting your revenue from chargebacks.

Fraudulent chargebacks may cost you a fortune.

Number X Sonar® engine crushes industry-specific fraud with 99 % accuracy.
  • Custom parametersDefines baseline fraud detection rules driven by your basic attributes of your digital product.
  • Manual reviewWe conduct manual reviews flows to ensure that fraud is blocked with 99% accuracy.
  • 3D Secure 2.0Protects your payments conversion from fraud and only applies authentication to high-risk transactions.
  • Dispute managementSubmits evidence based on dispute type and network rules, securing refunds for legitimate disputes only.


Designed for digital businessesRobust, industry specific anti-fraud filters and algorithms, derived from millions of digital transactions.
Real-time fraud insightsGet custom reports and dashboards with up-to-date information and more.
No upfront costsSet up anti-fraud protection for free, with only a 5% fee for transactions.

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