Security operations center


Data storage transparency

You may always withdraw your consent for access or use.

Third-party access

Every partner meets Number X standards and Privacy Policy.

Data use & access

We collect the least information possible.

We comply 100% with European regulatory standards, including EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The use of collected data is limited, meaning that we use it exclusively for purposes set out in our Privacy Policy.

We process personal data fairly and transparently.

At Number X, we take the security of our internal systems, our network and products during both development and maintenance. However, very rarely, vulnerabilities escape detection. We would prefer to hear about it as soon as possible so that we can take measures to protect our customers.

If you believe you’ve found a security issue in our product, please notify us as soon as possible by emailing us at [email protected].

Do not share information about the security problem with others until the problem is resolved.

Provide information about how and when the vulnerability or malfunction occurs. Clearly describe how this problem can be reproduced and provide information about the method used

Do not abuse the vulnerability and do not keep confidential data obtained through the vulnerability in the system.

Leave your contact details (e-mail address or telephone number), so that Number X can contact you. Anonymous reports are not accepted.

Do not use physical attacks, DDOS attacks or social engineering. Our systems are being monitored continuously.

Rewards / bug bounty

Number X has a bug bounty scheme to encourage the reporting of problems concerning security of our systems. We make an appropriate renumeration available for reports that actually lead to remedying a vulnerability or a change in our services. We decide whether the report is eligible, and the nature and amount of the remuneration.

When you report a vulnerability in our infrastructure, we will deal with this in the following way:

You will receive confirmation of receipt from Number X within three business days after the report.

You will receive an expected date of resolution in ten business days

Number X will not share your personal information with third parties under any circumstances, only if it is required by court decision.

Fraud prevention

Our ML algorithm filters fraudulent traffic from approved, and is automatically updated, based on decade of e-commerce transactions data. We engineer and deploy specialized technology to prevent chargebacks, scammer fraud, and other funds theft.

We prevent fraud stemming from various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, eWallets, bank transfer, mobile, prepaid cards, and cash.

Our multi-level verification includes 3D Secure and 400 other anti-fraud filters to ensure the best security available in the industry.

We assume liability for chargebacks and fraud, as your Merchant of Record, including all legal and financial responsibility.


Number X works togeter with most reputable organizations worldwide to stay 100 % compliant while working on the forefront of global payment processing.

PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) v3.2 Level 1

GDPR Compliant

Our private servers are located in the Netherlands, at Tier 3 data centers.

We implement DDoS prevention that can mitigate attacks with effectiveness of up to 100 gbps.


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